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Lockout tagout training can save lives. Stories about employees crushed to death when heavy machinery starts up without warning are all too common. It is essential for the training in the isolation and control of hazardous energy (aka lockout tagout) to be effective. This online lockout tagout safety training course teaches employees to perform the responsibilities of an "authorized person." Employees will be able to recognize hazardous energy sources, understand responsibilities to other employees, and control hazardous energy with lockout tagout procedures.
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Lockout/Tagout Affected Employees
An "affected employee" is someone who operates machinery or equipment on which servicing or maintenance is being performed under lockout or tagout. This training is required if you work in an area where servicing or maintenance of machinery or equipment is being performed, even if you don't operate or service any equipment.

Lockout/Tagout: Authorized Employee (Spanish)
Esta sesión abarca el procedimiento de seguridad denominado "Cierre/etiquetado" requerido por la norma de la OSHA sobre Control de fuentes de energía peligrosa. Esto forma parte de su capacitación para convertirse en un "empleado autorizado", un empleado que mantiene o repara máquinas y equipos.

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