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About the Training Institute

The Training Institute provides high-quality learning opportunities to a broad array of professionals, consumers and stakeholders throughout the District.

The Institute serves as the central coordinating body for accomplishing all workforce development-related objectives described in the Dixon Report and the Dixon Exit Criteria, local and federal accountability and compliance laws. It will also serve as the primary liaison for coordinating and publicizing training events within the Department of Behavioral Health, as well as creating standard instruments and procedures for DBH training activities.


The final court-ordered plan (March 2001) required the establishment of a training institute "to develop strong working relationships with local universities and other professional resources, and to provide a continuous learning environment for consumers, community stakeholders, staff and providers."  The court-ordered plan also emphasized that 1) the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) would work with organized labor to find effective ways to manage the ongoing re-training and re-deployment of staff and 2) that all staff rendering services in the new system would be required to demonstrate knowledge and performance competencies in a range of areas.

Mission and Goals

The DBH Training Institute mission is to continually strengthen the knowledge, technical skills and quality of services and supports delivered to and by DBH stakeholders, including consumers, community stakeholders, DBH providers and staff, through the development of a dynamic, culturally and linguistically responsive, performance-based and data-driven learning environment.

The Institute strives to achieve the following overarching goals:

Goal 1:                   Institute a training program that is standards-based, results-focused and guided by the learning and competency needs of the populations served.

Goal 2:                   Institutionalize training norms, processes and procedures that support continuous quality improvement efforts and ensure compliance with federal, local and departmental regulations and practice guidelines.

Goal 3:                   Enhance both intra-agency and interagency communication, collaboration and coordination in the planning and delivery of workforce development activities.

Community Collaboration

The DBH Training Institute facilitates a Provider Training Committee composed of training representatives from provider agencies with the purpose of resource sharing, targeting training initiatives toward the most pressing community needs and promoting the use of evidenced-based and best practice models. Please contact the Training Institute to participate in this committee.



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