Online Course » DC Department of Behavioral Health: Compliance and Accountability

Course Description:
Understanding the federal and local laws and rules that govern service delivery is key to providing the highest quality clinical care to consumers. It is also important for each role within an organization, whether a licensed clinician, direct care worker or administrative employee to have knowledge about the compliance process and how it impacts each facet of an organization.

This course covers federal and local laws and regulations that govern service delivery, how payment moves through the system, typical errors that trigger reports of false claims, and individual and organizational reporting responsibilities and procedures.
Course Objective:
At the end of this training, learners will be able to: 

  1. Recall the laws and regulations relating to false claims
  2. Define a false claim and its impact on individuals and organizations
  3. List examples of encounter note problems that can result in a false claim
  4. Describe the role of a whistleblower and the false claim reportingprocess.

Intended Audience:

All individuals working within the District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health service system.

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