Classroom Course » Trauma Informed De-escalation (DBH and CE PTTC)

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January 24, Tuesday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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DBH Training Institute

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*Registration for this training will close on Friday, January 20, 2023 at 9:00am*

Trauma Informed De-escalation moves beyond typical de-escalation content by acknowledging the role of biological responses, trauma histories, and neurobiology when engaging with individuals who have triggered and presenting challenging survival behavior. From identifying the provider's contributions to the conflict to empowering practitioners to better navigate the needs and reactions of those they serve, Trauma Informed De-escalation offers tools and strategies that can be offered universally in any heightened emotional conflict.


  • To explain the definition of trauma and principles of Trauma Informed Care as they relate to De-escalation considerations.
  • To examine the common causes of conflict and the opportunities they offer for engaging the principles of Trauma Informed Care in our responses.
  • To offer strategies, tips, and language to actualize Trauma Informed De-escalation in various settings with different populations.

Intended Audience:

Behavioral Health Care Providers, Prevention Professionals
Session Notes:

This training is in partnership with the Central East Prevention Technology Transfer Center (CE PTTC) and will be held as a live webinar on Zoom. The Central East PTTC is managed by The Danya Institute. Zoom login information will be sent, from the Danya Institute, to all registered participants at least one day in advance of the training.

In order to be eligible for the continuing education hours/certificate of attendance, you must join the live webinar in Zoom. If you are having issues accessing the training at the event's start, please email to receive assistance.


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