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December 09, Thursday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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DBH Training Institute

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The purpose of the training is to provide providers with an overview of the civil commitment process to include key elements necessary to initiate a petition for civil commitment and monitoring of a civilly committed consumer. To assist in the understanding what are the legal are requirements of the agency, what documents are to be submitted to the Office of the Attorney General, when are the documents due, and who are authorized by law to prepare the documents.
1. Define civil commitment and the legal requirements to initiate a petition for civil commitment.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of documents that are required when a person is civilly committed and their legal significance?
3. Outline agency requirements and legal consequences when documents are not filed timely
4. Define the process for terminating commitment and collaborating with the Office of the Attorney General’s Office.
5. Understanding what the terms CMOP, CMIP, and Voluntary Status mean.
Intended Audience:
The target audience are staff at core service agencies who have responsibility for monitoring consumers that are civilly committed to the Department of Behavioral Health.

 John Davie 
 Matthew  Dobson 
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