Classroom Course » Treatment Planning for Person-Centered Care: Training-of-Trainers

Dates & Times:
March 30, Monday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
March 31, Tuesday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Hosted By:
DBH Training Institute

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This training is only open to supervisors, trainers and other management-level staff.

This Training-of-Trainers program prepares trainers,supervisors and other management-level employees who work within the DBH system to be both experts and educators in the provision of person-centered care. The first training day focuses on the philosophy and practical application of person-centered care by using experiential case studies to develop treatment plans. The second training day focuses on building confidence and skill in the delivery of educational concepts associated with person-centered care. Theories of adult learning, instructional design and basic facilitation skills will be introduced and each student will present a portion of the content to reinforce understanding and build presentation skills. By the end of the training, each attendee will be prepared to teach the full content back at their place of employment.

  1. Differentiate between Person-Centered Treatment and traditional approaches
  2. Identify the purpose and elements of a person-centered interpretive summary
  3. Explain the DBH person-centered format for goals.
  4. Define each letter of the SMART acronym and develop an objective statement that meets this criterion.
  5. Differentiate between a process and outcome-oriented objective.
  6. Develop an intervention statement that meets the who, what, when and why criteria.
  7. Identify at least two facilitation methods that motivate adults to learn.
  8. Demonstrate successful facilitation of a 10-15 minute portion of the person-centered clinical content.
Intended Audience:
Supervisors, trainers and other management-level staff
DBH 64 New York Avenue
Training Room (284E)
64 New York Avenue, NE
2nd Floor - East
Washington, District of Columbia 20002
(202) 671-0343
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Driving Directions:
64 New York Avenue is located at the intersection of Florida, New York and First Streets, NE. Metro: Take the red line to the Noma/Gallaudet University (previously called New York Avenue) metro stop. Walk west on N Street and turn right at 1st Street NE. Cross over New York Avenue. You will see a large clock tower with the number 64. Enter through the gate and walk toward the first entrance of the building.
There are three parking lots for attendees that charge between $9-12, regardless of duration. The two outside lots only accept cash payment. There is also street parking in the blocks adjacent to 64 NY Avenue, but be mindful of posted restrictions.
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