Online Course » Adolescents: Treating Difficult Adolescents

Course Description:
Two experts discuss how to work with difficult adolescents using solution-focused brief therapy and methods for treating aggressive adolescents. You can read the text of these interviews and/or access the audio to the interviews via your computer's MP3 player.
Course Objective:
Upon completing this program, participants should be able to:
  • Discuss the use of solution-focused brief therapy in the treatment of adolescents;
  • Help teens identify their own problem behaviors and solutions; and
  • Explain how angry adolescents can be defused, reframed, and redirected.
Author Bio:
Barbara Alexander, LCSW, BCD, founder and president of On Good Authority, interviews: • Matthew Selekman, MSW, author of Pathways to Change: Brief Therapy Solutions with Difficult Adolescents, 2nd edition, who discusses how to work with difficult adolescents using the solution-focused brief therapy model. He provides case examples that illustrate techniques to help teens identify their strengths and resources and bring about change. • Mark Masi, PsyD, an accomplished public speaker who lectures on topics related to adolescents and adults, who describes his model of therapy for treating aggressive adolescents. He outlines the primary tasks of this model and talks about how to challenge teens to come up with solutions that facilitate their treatment goals.
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Association of Social Work Boards - view details
California Board of Registered Nursing - view details
National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) - view details
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