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Risk Management Basics: The Application of Law and Ethics to Risk Management This course provides practitioners with essential information on how to reduce the potential for becoming the subject of a malpractice lawsuit or licensing board complaint. Topics include meeting the standard of care, record keeping, confidentiality, office policies, and boundary violations.

Credits:  2 $24.00 Buy
Risk Management for Mental Health Professionals Bryant Welch, JD, PhD, answers questions about risk management and how practitioners can protect themselves from professional liability exposure. The course also provides information on the elements of a suicide risk assessment.

Credits:  1 $12.00 Buy
Suicide Crisis Intervention Model with 25 Practical Strategies for Implementation Suicidal clients are a difficult and challenging population in counseling. This article contains 25 practical, hands-on strategies for counselors to assist in their interactions with suicidal clients. The strategies are situated within a seven-step model for crisis intervention that is specifically tailored to suicidal clients.

Credits:  2 $24.00 Buy
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