Classroom Course » Presenting CAFAS Reliability Training In-Person and Virtually: Challenges and Solutions

Dates & Times:
May 30, Thursday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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DBH Training Institute

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Presenting CAFAS Reliability Training In-Person and Virtually:  Challenges and Solutions provides the trainer who has previously completed CAFAS Reliability Training for Trainers (TOT) (and passed Reliability) advanced training and practice in planning, presenting and evaluating CAFAS/PECFAS and CAFAS Booster Rater Trainings – both in-person and virtual - for their agencies.  Trainers will learn how to access support and materials from DBH, prepare an outline/game plan for their training, as well as learning and practicing how to manage the power point presentation, interact/engage their participants, how to score and record CAFAS Reliability Tests.

  1. Recognize the steps required to prepare and implement CAFAS Rater and CAFAS Booster Training for their agencies.  

  2. Demonstrate understanding of the components of presenting CAFAS Trainings,

  3. Distinguish the differences between skills and procedures required for Virtual and In-Person Trainings.

  4. Develop the skills to score Participant’s Reliability Tests and how to maintain the reliability status of their trainees.
Intended Audience:
Psychologists, Counselors and Social Workers who serve children, adolescents, and families through DBH.  

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