Classroom Course » Stimulants and Polysubstance Use Part 2: What Prevention Can Do (DBH and CE PTTC)

Dates & Times:
March 30, Thursday 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
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DBH Training Institute
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Stimulants and Polysubstance Use (Webinar Series Overview)
Stimulant use and its consequences are a growing problem across much of the United States. Prevalence and fatal overdose rates were already increasing prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and available data suggest these trends have worsened in the years since. Polysubstance use, particularly of opioids mixed with stimulants, has furthered increased the risks of use. This two-part webinar series will discuss the current data on these topics and evidence-based services prevention professionals can implement to address them. It also reviews risk and protective factors for stimulant use and how this current wave differs from past waves of stimulant use.

Part 2: What Prevention Can Do (Session Overview)
This webinar will discuss the status of evidence-based prevention services and programs for stimulant and polysubstance use. As part of this discussion, the webinar will review the similarities and differences between stimulant and opioid prevention and the current gaps in stimulant prevention research. The webinar will also discuss harm reduction strategies to address polysubstance use. Lastly, the webinar will provide recommendations for the future and a small group discussion opportunity for participants to share their own best practices.

At the end of this training, participants will be able to: 
  1. Distinguish between the similarities and differences of stimulant and opioid prevention
  2. Recognize the next steps for planning evidence-based interventions for preventing stimulant use
  3. Explain the gaps in current stimulant and polysubstance use prevention research
  4. Identify potential harm reduction strategies to address risks from polysubstance use
Intended Audience:
Substance use prevention professionals
Session Notes:
This training is in partnership with the Central East Prevention Technology Transfer Center (CE PTTC) and will be held as a live webinar on Zoom. The Central East PTTC is managed by The Danya Institute. Zoom login information will be sent, from the Danya Institute, to all registered participants at least one day in advance of the training.

In order to be eligible for the continuing education hours/certificate of attendance, you must join the live webinar in Zoom. If you are having issues accessing the training at the event's start, please email to receive assistance.

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